Monday, February 17, 2014

Chris Gannon

Helping Native Fish Return After 100 Years

Chris Gannon is the Director of the Crooked River Watershed Council. This past fall Chris and his team helped Chinook salmon and Middle Columbia steelhead get closer to their native spawning grounds on the upper Crooked River by removing the 100+ year old Stearns Dam. An impressive collaboration among government agencies, the landowner, and environmental groups over a ten year period, the Watershed Council shepherded this project to it's completion this past December.

Chris Gannon in his Crooked River Watershed Council office

Listen to this four minute radio interview with Chris and you'll hear the passion and commitment that all the partners had for this project.

And, after listening to the radio piece, if you'd like to view the 17-minute video documentary that the Watershed Council had filmed about the dam removal (by Jakie Spring Media LLC, Prineville) simply click on the link below. You'll open the Crooked River Watershed Council's web site where you can click on the link "Stearns Dam Removal Project." Crooked River Watershed Council

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Karisa Merrill

Crook County Hero - Students Making a Difference in their Schools & Community

Karisa Merrill is a senior at Crook County High School in Prineville Oregon - and this month's Crook County Hero. Listen to this 8-minute podcast and you'll hear why Karisa is such an inspiration at school and in the community.

Karisa Merrill

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