Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Two Friends, Two Wars, Emotional Connections

Harley Hess and Sam Morris

In December of 2014 I had the honor of recording a conversation between two friends. Harley Hess is a veteran of WWII currently living at Carriage Place, an assisted living facility in Prineville. Harley’s friend, Sam Morris, is a veteran of the Vietnam War, also lives in Prineville, and serves as Harley’s guardian angel. While the bulk of their conversation centers on Harley’s incredible life, both men share a common bond – they both flew airplanes during their service days…and continued to fly in their post-war years. Their obvious friendship tugged on my heart strings…as I’m sure it will yours. So let’s listen to their conversation. Total running time: 30:50

(l to r) Jenny Sexton, Harley Hess, Sam Morris, Bill Sexton (seated)
at the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC September 2012

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